IPTV Solutions

We offer a cutting-edge hospitality IPTV systems / solutions to meet the needs of the different sizes and industries in the
hospitality market, such as hotels, eductional facilities, residential areas and many others.

The Hospitality Industry

The current hotel buisness enviroment is increasingly competitive. Hotel managers are constantly striving to improve guest satisfaction, while guest's expectation for special care and personalized treatment are ever increasing. The hospitality and accomodation industry is challenged to recognize guest needs soon enough and to fufil this needs in the most professional manner.

Guest satisfaction represents the top priority of any accommodation-related business. A satisfied guest is best guaranteed to return again, and become a regular client whom inturn spreads the good word around.

We cater for the following hospitality Buisnesses

  • Hotels
  • Tourist resorts
  • Boutique hotels
  • Apartment buildings
  • Villas

YoungAne's IPTV products are the perfect choice for the hospitality industry to fufil guest's essential expectaions and meet clients comfort and satisfaction level.

On the other hand we provide hotel TV system that enables additional revenue streams, by providing new payable services, especially with the promotion of existing hotel servces and facilities that enhances hotel profits and reduces its operational expenses.

YoungAne Productions provides a turn key IPTV solution for the hospitality industry through its technology partner Nevron (See Nevron.eu) for more details.

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The Residential Industry

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" The television is again becoming the central home media appliance. "

With its large screen, television represents an electronic device that was for the largest part forgotten during the rapid expansion of smart phones and other multi-operational electronic devices. But these times are over as IPTV services are becoming one of the most important revenue channels for telecommunication operators, while TV producers are investing more and more resources into the development and sales of so-called connected TV devices.

" Consumers can choose from a variety of smart TV providers with different business models. "

The IPTV industry is a very competitive market for providers of any kind of IPTV product or service, especially in the residential segment. Consumers not only have more choices to choose between different IPTV operators, but can also decide on a smart TV device with access to a range of OTT services, for which a monthly subscription is not obligatory.

" Once again the television gathers the whole family together."

Being connected and equipped with the largest displays, television will most probably remain the central home device for a long time to come. The family is no longer limited to just TV channels, but can also access movies and music on demand, YouTube or any other popular web service, which has not been available on the TV screen until recently. The availability of all these smart TV services on the television finally generated enough interest among family members to gather and spend some time in the same place again.

The IPTV platform developed from a single provider represents a high degree of flexibility, interoperability, deep control over the technology and support from a single point. All these can be achieved by choosing the YoungAne IPTV platform, which mainly consists of YoungAne's (Nevron) own IPTV products

Relevant Businesses: The IPTV platform for the residential industry relates to any kind or sizes of living areas, from individual houses, small settlements and city areas to nationwide households.

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Education Industry

IPTV technologies have revolutionised the distribution of TV channels in educational environments. As well, IP has enabled improvements to video creation, editing and distributions related to educational TV systems which brings benefits to all educational premises, from pupils, students and other learners, to campuses and dorm residents.

There are many types of educational facilities in existence that can greatly benefit from enabling a modern educational TV system. The most recognizable educational environments are campuses, student dorms, colleges of higher learnings and schools.

YoungAne Productions can provide a turn key solution for the implementation of a successful educational IPTV platform.

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